Straight in front of him, in the side of the cathedral wall itself, was a small wooden door. He was amazed to see that this door was actually swinging open in the cold night breeze. Surely it can’t be this easy? He thought, but it was. He walked through that door and he was inside the cathedral, or at least inside a smaller room inside the cathedral.

Considering the amount of security around this place, it seemed strange that they might have left the door open. Grant was all too aware that this might not be what it seems. They did, however, have the whole grounds on lock-down, and leaving a door open when you know the whereabouts of everybody on your site isn’t such a danger, he thought.

The room in front of him was empty. It was more of an entrance space than a room. At the opposite side, there was a wooden door that lead into the vast cathedral itself. Grant walked over to this door, as stealthily as he could, and he listened. Somewhere in there was Kirsty. He could hear voices, they were distant and echoing and they were filling the cathedral. He looked back at the wooden door that led out into the grounds and it crossed his mind to leave once again. It also crossed his mind that he may die in this place, but he had no choice. He closed the door and then he pressed his ear against the wall and he listened to the voices coming from the cathedral. Out of the booming muddle of male voices in there, he tried to decipher what was being said.

“I don’t know but she’s coming soon. This all has to be out of the way before that happens.”

“What are you gonna do with them?”

“Kirsty is mine. She stays where she is until I’ve spoken to her, test the others.”

“Not this whole testing bullshit again! The other guys might believe that crap Steve, but I’m not stupid.”

“Shut the fuck up, I’ve told you not to talk like that around the others.Test them, kill them, whatever. Either way, you’re in charge of doing it.”

“Okay. And what about the unconscious girl?”

“Do we know what’s wrong with her?”

“She overdosed, apparently”

“Is she useful?”… There was a long silence. Grant, still with his ear pressed to the wooden door, was waiting for the men to move. If they had come towards him, he would run through the door that leads back outside. There was still silence and then the echoing conversation, which he had decided was between just two men, continued.

“Is she useful?!” The voice now sounding agitated. “Then kill her.”

“I’ll get someone on that. And the boy?” Grant gasped. He couldn’t help it, just hearing them mention ‘the boy’ caused a large spontaneous intake of air. His heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know if they had heard him but as they continued to speak, he guessed they had not…

“He’s in the prayer room.”

“Hooked up?”

“Yes. Hooked up and powered on.”

“He’s still breathing?”



Grant’s attention drifted at this point. ‘The boy’… Surely they didn’t find James. Please tell me they didn’t find James! He thought. He felt pure aggression. It rushed from his stomach all the way up into his head. The prayer room. He was going there. He opened the wooden door in front of him and entered the cathedral.