As Grant stepped outside, he felt a heaviness fall upon him. He could hear Katie sobbing at the other side of the door and he felt guilty. It did cross his mind to go back in there, but he had priorities. There was a kid in a boat who needed him right now and he was not about to get dragged into the mess that was going on here. He stepped around the side of the small stone building and pressed his back against the wall. Katie was still sobbing inside, but she was not moving. He would leave her, he decided. She had been given a choice and it was up to her what she did with it. Grant was getting out of here.

The brick shed was standing in its own overgrown yard. There was only one way in and out of the yard. The gateway in the wall opposite the front of the shed was a small archway through to the main cathedral grounds. It was the way they had been brought in here by Simon and it looked like it was the only way out. He looked the other three massive walls that towered above the unkept grass of the yard and wondered if he could climb over. There were some very tall trees beyond the wall at the back, suggesting a small woodland back there. The only thing he might have to deal with at the other side of that wall is a wood full of walkers. Odd how this threat is more appealing than the one posed by the people here. The walls on the other two sides lead back into cathedral grounds. They were not the way out. He quietly walked towards the wall at the back and he chose a dark corner. He pressed his back against the wall and looked out across the yard. Now his eyes had adjusted, the moonlight was very bright. So bright in fact, it was like the whole yard was lit by a vast flood-light. Even though he was about fifty meters from its walls, the cathedral towered above him. It was a huge, deep blue silhouette against a pitch black canvas of stars and as he looked up at the tallest tower in the building he noticed something. Beaming from the slatted windows in the tower was a bright orange light. It occurred to him that this light was not a flame. They had electricity in there.

He turned and looked at the wall behind him and examined it for holes. He looked up to the top of the wall. Fifteen feet. It was a long climb! The holes in the stone were few and far-between, and he was useless at climbing. His arms were not as strong as they should be and his knee was in no state to hold out for a wall climb. All this aside, it might be his only option. He reached up with his right hand and pushed his hand into a cold, sandy recess. He thought he felt something crawl across his fingers so he yanked it back out again and shook it erratically. Come on Grant, keep it together, he thought. He wiped his hand on his jeans and he pushed it back into the hole. He looked down at a stone sticking out of the wall a little further than the others and he stepped onto it. He pulled himself up. He reached over to a hole with his left hand and that’s when he heard the footsteps. He dropped to the ground, and collapsed into a heap in the dark corner. A sharp, red pain shot up from his knee and it smelled of soil down there, but he daren’t move. The footsteps grew closer. He could see a silhouette approaching the arch in the wall opposite and then the guy stopped. Someone shouted him. He stopped and turned back and shouted something back about everyone heading inside for the night, and then something about moving the visitors. He held his breath, if this guy went into that shed and saw that Grant was missing, this was over. He might even end up dead. He didn’t move a muscle, he simply watched that silhouette and he waited and he hoped. The silhouette of a man stepped into the archway and got something out of his pockets. Then Grant saw a flame and smoke. He laid there in that soil, without moving an inch while this guy smoked a whole cigarette. Then he watched as the guy undid his flies and pee’d up against the ivy growing up the arch. Grant held his breath again, the guy zipped up his flies and turned away. He walked off towards the cathedral.

Everyone’s heading inside for the night, he definitely said that, he thought as he brushed himself off. He looked at the wall behind him and decided that was not the way to go. If everyone was going inside for the night, the best way to go was alongside the cathedral, as close to the building as possible so he couldn’t be seen from the inside, and out the front of the grounds. This is what he would do.

The cathedral grounds were just the other side of that archway and as he approached it, he heard something else. A wooden door closing somewhere nearby. He peeped around the archway to the left to see another, much larger building nearby. Three people were walking away from that building. Simon and Debs were there, but there was another. Grant squinted and rubs his eyes. A woman was with them. His heart jumped into his mouth. It WAS his Kirsty! Feeling a little dizzy, he sat down on the ground. He sat there for a good few minutes while he pondered on what to do next. He thought back to what Debs had said, “She’s a few sheds away, I’m going to talk to here and then we’re getting out of here… and then he’s coming back for you” This is it! Kirsty is getting out of here right now, and then Simon is coming back here to let him and Katie out too. Simple. He would sit and wait for Simon to come back and then he could go and join Kirsty and…

The cracking sound of gunfire interrupted his thoughts. He jumped up as quickly as he could and looked over to the huge bush by the cathedral wall. He ran over there and climbed as deeply into its thick undergrowth as he could.