“Just do as you’re told, and you’ll be fine”, the guy said, then he helped Grant to climb out of the car. He felt the sack lifting off his head and he slowly opened his eyes. A voice from behind them shouted across the pathway.

“Take them wherever you like, but don’t put them with her. They want us to keep her separate”. Grant had no idea who they meant by “her” and he wasn’t really interested. He was only interested in getting out of this situation, something that he figured would be impossible for a while. He looked up at the huge cathedral beside them and realised they were probably going in there. He shuddered at the thought of James being all alone in the boat. Katie, the woman he had tried to rescue from up a tree not so long ago, was in the same situation as he was. The cloth sack was lifted off her head, dragging her head full of dark hair all over her face. She flicked it back and looked at him. They both looked around them to see that they had been brought to the Cathedral in a blue car, and they were now parked at the back of the huge gothic building. They were surrounded by old graves and Grant wondered if the idiots that had brought them here had ever watched a zombie movie. A graveyard is not the safest of places to come in times like these, he thought. He shuddered again. It was dark out here, with only the moonlight to light the way he didn’t feel very safe at all. Strangely, he found himself feeling more threatened by what could be lurking in the darkness than he did by the guy standing beside them, and he had a gun pointing at them. The other guy, who had shouted across the pathway, had disappeared. Grant smiled at the man holding the gun.

“I’m Grant”, he said. The guy looked nervous. “He’s rather careless isn’t he?” he asked, nodding towards the guy who had vanished. The guy with the gun raised it a little. He stared at Grant, while flickering his gaze towards Katie and then back again. “He’s left you here alone, with us two. How does he know we’re not trained assassins?” He said. The guy smiled back.

“Well, I know she’s not”. He said, talking about Katie. “But you, Grant…”, he said with a little more authority this time, “I have no idea who you are. I have no idea what you’re capable of, but you should know what I’m capable of. I have killed 4 people over the past 6 weeks, all of them in self defence but I killed them without even thinking about it. I killed two of them with my bare hands Grant and I won’t hesitate to kill you if you cause me any trouble. Are you going to cause me any trouble Grant? Or are you going to do as you’re told?” Grant remained calm.

“Well kid, you’re what, nineteen?” He asked with a poker look on his face.

“Twenty-five” The kid replied, still holding a gun pointing at Grant.

“Twenty-five, okay. Well any other time I would say no. I’m not going to do as I’m told, but, as you’re less than half my age and I have a dodgy knee AND you have a gun pointing at my face, I guess on this occasion, I’m going to do as I’m told. For now.” He said

“Good”. The kid said. Then he pointed at a gateway the other side of the gravel driveway. “Walk through that gate”. he said.

“What’s through there?” Grant asked.

“Just do it!” He said, and pointed the gun aggressively in the direction of the gate. Katie stepped forwards and grabbed Grants elbow. She looked at him and smiled.

“I think we should do it”, she whispered. Grant felt a little apprehensive, like he was being set up.

“MOVE!” shouted the kid. The shout echoed around the courtyard. Grant dug his heels in and Katie, who had begun walking towards the gate, stopped where she was. Grant looked at the gate and then looked at the guy with the gun.

“How do you know there are none of them through there?” He asked.

“Walkers?” The kid looked behind him, then he lowered his voice. “We know where every single walker is on these grounds, we have the place on lockdown, I can can assure you there are none through that gate. Now please, I really can’t afford to draw attention to myself tonight. Move to the building the other side of that gate”. Grant sensed something in the guys voice. Something was off. He decided to do as he was told.

As they passed through the gate, in front of them was a small square building made out of stone. It stood in its own little courtyard and was surrounded on all sides by a 15ft stone wall. They opened the door and went inside. The place was lit by an oil lamp which cast a warm flickering glow across the small room. The floor was covered with a huge old rug and in the corner there was a pile of old electrical equipment. Car radios, mobile phones, wires, lamps, it was like a little junk yard in that corner. Grant heard the door close behind them.

“Do you know who I am?” The guy asked. Grant turned to answer only to see he was speaking directly to Katie. She nodded.

“Simon? Are you Simon?” She asked. The guy gestured for her to lower her voice and he nodded.

“Yeah. I’m Simon”, he said. “Do you know what just happened back there?” He asked her. Grant felt it best to let this play out. After all, this wasn’t conflict, this was a conversation that was leading somewhere else. Katie Shook her head.

“I got separated, Kirsty ended up in the car-park and I couldn’t help her. I…”

“It’s okay. She’s fine, for now. Debs knocked her out and they were trying to hide but we… they found them. They’re here too.”

“Shit! They have Kirsty?” Katie said. Simon nodded.

“Yeah, she’s not far from this building. I’m about to go and see Debs, and we’ll get this sorted. Okay?” Katie nodded. “But I need you to wait here, for a few hours, I have to play the game. Okay?” She nodded again. Simon turned to Grant.

“Sir, I appreciate this doesn’t make much sense, probably to either of you, but please trust me when I say it won’t be for long.” Grant was unsure whether or not to trust him, but at the minute there was nothing much he could do about it.